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README for Version 8.1

Issues fixed in 8127 (Released on: 21 March, 2013)

  1. SD-49613: Show site based filtering of groups in technician add / edit page, based on the group count configured in Globalconfig table entry.

Issues fixed in 8126 (Released on: 14 March, 2013)

  1. SD-48897: Unable to add/import requester with site configured with a time zone value.
  2. SD-40583: Email with multiple attachments having same name will retain only the first attachment.
  3. SD-48030: Unable to view not-associated-to-any-site requests in archive list view in group restricted login even the user has privilege to view.
  4. SD-49038: Creating request with Closed status does not update the completed date or resolved date.
  5. SD-48801: In some customer environment, NullPointerException occurred while forwarding a solution.
  6. SD-48424: Unable to push the scanned workstations from remote server to central server due to authentication problem.

Issues fixed in 8125 (Released on: 22 February, 2013)

  1. SD-48726: Performance issue with the mail fetching in the environment where we have large number of notifications, due to inefficient query has been addressed

New Features in 8125

  1. SDF-49103: Support for additional operations in REST API. The following new operations are added,
    • Request:
      • Add, Edit and Get Resolution
      • Assign Request
      • Pickup Request
      • Reply Request
      • Get Notification
      • Get Notifications
      • Get All Conversations
      • Get Requests
    • Site:
      • Get All Sites

Issues fixed in 8124 (Released on: 20 February, 2013)

  1. SD-48940: Unable to perform the xls import of request, with non-english language personalization.
  2. SD-48804:
    1. Cleanup audit history schedule does not delete the complete audit history if the data in the audit history tables are high.
    2. Instead of fetching the complete audit history information while clicking history tab in workstation details page (which creates performance problems), we are fetching in batches.

New Features in 8124

  1. SDF-37132: Feature to show Incident / Service Request templates for technician, based on the support groups associated to the templates and technicians.If no support group is associated to templates, then it will be shown to all the technicians.

Issues fixed in 8123 (Released on: 1 February, 2013)

  1. SD-48675: After selecting the requester in the new incident page, the technician list becomes unsorted.
  2. SD-48110: OS Version not properly identified in Japanese Ubuntu machines
  3. SD-48772: While pasting images from clipboard in IE, a certificate expired message is displayed.
  4. SD-48779: While taking a backup in 8122 and restoring the data in any database, custom report generation will throw an exception.
  5. SD-48841: When there are more attachments added in the application, performance issue is faced in Request details page when opening Request notification with attachments.

New Features in 8123

  1. SDF-39916: Feature to import incident request through XLS.

Issues fixed in 8122 (Released on: 31st December, 2012)

  1. SD-23307: When a requester closes a 'Request' through the link sent via E-Mail, the 'Thank You!' message shown after the operation is always displayed in English even though the language personalized is different.

New Features in 8122

  1. SDF-48546: Option to configure the top header background and tab colors. A new section "Admin > General > Theme" has been added for this purpose.

Issues fixed in 8121 (Released on: 13th December, 2012)

  1. SD-48283: If no site is configured in SDP, the Group list is empty when performing spot edit on a ticket.
  2. SD-48229: Unable to un-assign the asset associated for the request.
  3. SD-48104: While adding images to Incident template, the images will not be saved properly and will be lost during upgrade
  4. SD-48184: While adding images to Service template, the images will not be saved properly and will be lost during upgrade
  5. SD-48320: If an image with name containing multiple dots and space (eg: "test.image for testing.jpg") in its name is sent as inline image, then replying to that particular request will show a notification error.
  6. SD-48241: Out of Memory Error while loading the Relationship tab under workstation details page when there are huge number of relationsships present in the database.
  7. SD-48321, SD-48347: Conversation's does not expand on clicking the green envelope icon present in the request details page.
  8. SD-48301: When technician is assigned to request for the first time, the corresponding information is not shown in the history.
  9. SD-48345, SD-48319: Unable to add an additional field as a Pick list for an Incident template using the Add new field option in the Drag and Drop Fields.
  10. SD-48344: For Requests raised by requesters who do not have an email ID configured, the mail fetching stops while adding a conversation for the request
  11. SD-48354: In IE, when conversation type is changed, an intermittent error message is shown even though the conversation type is changed successfully.
  12. SD-47809: Asset -> Unable to download attachments with # in file names.

New Features in 8121

  1. SDF-48291: Support to add inline images or paste images from Clipboard while replying / forwarding to a request

Issues fixed in 8119 (Released on: 3rd December, 2012)

  1. SD-48237 : If customers have customized the header logo, then when upgrading to the latest build would remove the customized image.

Issues fixed in 8118 (Released on: 29th November, 2012)

  1. SD-41662: In IE 9, Group field will go blank after selecting the Requester name in the new Incident page.
  2. SD-47432: Report Schedule get deleted when report is updated by other Technician.
  3. SD-47305: Right Navigation Button under 'Manage Custom View' is missing in Chrome Browser.
  4. SD-47291: CI Type field shown in Technician and Requester Details Page for Standard Edition / Professional Edition has been revoked.
  5. SD-26166: In IE when a new request is created through webform, with user having multiple white spaces in their name, it prompt for new user addition.To address this, we have removed multiple white spaces present in the user name while adding users into servicedeskplus.Existing user names having multiple white spaces will be replaced with single space.
  6. SD-47113: Possible vulnerability during the delete operation of Category / Sub Category / Item by manually modifying the parameters
  7. SD-48073: Under Admin -> Backup Schedule settings, when the backup delete interval is greater than 24 days, the recent backup data are also getting deleted.
  8. SD-46841 : Cross-site scripting vulnerability identified in parsing scanned xmls has been fixed.

New Features in 8118

  1. SDF-48100: Support to paste images from Clipboard to the Rich text area
  2. SDF-47685: Option to import selected users from the Active Directory based on login name of the user.
  3. SDF-46880: Option to mark a conversation as private / public. Public conversations will be visible to requesters also where as private conversations will be visible only to technicians

Issues fixed in 8117 (Released on: 20th November, 2012)

  1. SD-30112: Issue applying Spam Filter fixed. Say, a spam filter is set as CC is and a mail is sent to with CC as, then the mail is filtered and not getting created in SDP.
  2. SD-47714: Unable to view the Site field under Admin -> Operational hours in the IE has been fixed.
  3. SD-28799: Technician Notification is not working when the technician is assigned through business rule has been fixed.
  4. SD-47842: Performance and stability are improved in handling the large number of Site, Group and Technician.
  5. SD-47674: In the Software License page, the technician with site restriction is able to modify the organizational license to some other site has been fixed.
  6. SD-47406, SD-47835: Problem in attachments of license agreement has been fixed.
  7. SD-47524: Error while reconcile from Workstation list view has been fixed.
  8. SD-46716: The 'Go' button in the search field for the request ID present in the workorder list view is not proper in Chrome browser. It is aligned to the left hand side instead of the right hand side.
  9. SD-47920 : Issue on upgrading from 8114 to 8115 / 8116 which throws Duplicate Entry Exception in Accolumnconfiguration table has been fixed.

New Features in 8117

  1. SDF-47827: Product,Product Type, Serial Number and Site info will be shown on list view in 'Select Assets' popup while assigning assets to incident.

Issues fixed in 8116 (Released on: 24th October, 2012)

  1. SD-47733: Users cannot login into ServiceDesk Plus after upgraded to 8115 has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 8115 (Released on: 18th October, 2012)

  1. SD-47474: Performance enhanced while loading large data when configuring Custom filter and Report.
  2. SD-47415: If only default request template is enabled for requester, then 'Report an Issue' link is not shown in self service portal has been fixed.
  3. SD-46545: Problem in viewing the request created through Email Command with new requester having name and email id has been fixed.
  4. SD-47512: Asset audit history gets deleted if scheduled audit history enabled in scan settings.
  5. SD-47506: Department head field is not shown on Department details page in Professional edition has been fixed.
  6. SD-47312: Request bulk edit throws Null Pointer Exception in Standard edition has been fixed.
  7. SD-47406: Download attachment not working for one which is added at the time of modification in License Agreement has been fixed.
  8. SD-42511: Request created via email with traditional chinese charaters displayed as junk has been fixed.
  9. SD-47293: Problem in editing technician containing more than 20000 groups across sites has been fixed.

New Features in 8115

  1. SDF-24512: Resolved time of a request will set when request is moved to resolved status. Timespent will be calculated when a request is moved to resolved or closed status.
  2. SDF-47393: Support for additional operations in REST API. The following new operations are supported.
    • Technician:
      • GET ALL Technicians
    • Admin
      • GET and GET ALL operations for the following "admin" configurations - Status, Level, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Category, Subcategory, Item, Request template.
      • GET ALL Support group
    • Request
      • ADD Attachment, GET Conversation and GET ALL Conversations.
  3. SDF-40086: Technician role scoping will be applied when viewing Tasks from Home section. If the technician has restricted role (Site restriction, Group restriction, Assigned to self), then Tasks allowed for the technician role alone will be shown in Home Tasks section.
  4. SDF-47366: Ability to mark Request first response time when adding Notes from Request list view.
  5. SDF-47689: Mobile devices information scanned in ManageEngine Desktop Central can be accessed from ServiceDesk Plus web client (when SDP - DC integration is enabled)
  6. SDF-47690 : ServiceDesk Plus Technician can initiate chat session to Requester through Chat feature available in ManageEngine Desktop Central (when SDP - DC integration is enabled).

Issues fixed in 8114 (Released on: 18th September, 2012)

  1. SD-47234 : The permissions "Editing closed Requests" and "Editing/Deleting own notes" were not associated to 'SDSiteAdmin' and 'Custom role(s)' during earlier upgrade has been fixed.
  2. Note: Users who upgraded in the sequence 8110 -> 8111 -> 8112 and still do not want the permissions "Editing closed Requests" and "Editing/Deleting own notes" for the above mentioned roles, need to disable it manually after 8114 upgrade.
  3. SD-46759 : Some non-admin technicians were unable to view the default site 'Not associated to any site' has been fixed.
  4. Note: After the upgradation, please edit and save the problematic technician under the admin section to make it work again.

  5. SD-47273 : Agent upgrade is getting failed if "Pass through authentication" is enabled.
  6. SD-39375 : After deleting all the filters on an existing report , it is not possible to add some new filters as the + button no longer appear has been fixed.
  7. SD-30631 : Mailfetching stops while processing non-english file attachments and inline images has been fixed.
  8. SD-44297 : Requester replies to a request from the self-service-portal, request not changed as UnRead in the technician view has been fixed.
  9. SD-46747 : In German language,"on" shown in the Request conversation was wrongly translated has been fixed.
  10. SD-46941 : Resolution dropdown shown under the Resolution tab of the request details page is shown out view in IE browser has been fixed.

New Features in 8114

  1. SDF-21574 : Requests created through emails and conversation will now show the To, and Cc fields in the request details page.
  2. SDF-47274 : File attachments can now be stored in other drives in the server machine instead of the default path. The path can be configured in "Admin -> Self Service Portal Settings -> Path for attachments".
  3. SDF-46881 : Option to copy the Service Templates is available. Which helps technicians to create new Service Templates quickly from the existing templates.
  4. SDF-47337 : Feature to generate automatic threaddump has been implemented, when SDP application performance degrades.

Issues fixed in 8112 (Released on: 4th September, 2012)

  1. SD-47206 : Page goes blank while searching text from Left Hand Side search, with module as 'Requests', and submodules as 'Default' has been fixed.

Issues fixed in 8111 (Released on: 31st August, 2012)

  1. SD-46805 : The request description and conversation description would be displayed in Left to Right(LTR) mode instead of Right To Left(RTL) mode when the language settings is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  2. SD-46703 : When merging requests from request list view, alert message will inform which request will be made as parent request.
  3. SD-46665 : While archiving, request id at the time of merging the request is not retained.
  4. SD-46580 : Exception while creating a custom filter with criteria having more than 300 characters has been fixed.
  5. SD-46879 : Technicians with restricted access to view only the associated sites, are able to view all the sites under the Asset and CMDB modules.
  6. SD-46734 : Site field shown in text box lists the sites which are marked not for further usage has been fixed.
  7. SD-46741 : Script error on selecting the site and then a technician in the technician calendar has been fixed.
  8. SD-46751 : In Standard and Professional edition, clicking 'Cancel' in user / asset CSV import wizard page throws exception.
  9. SD-46754 : In Standard and Professional edition, clicking 'Cancel' in Admin > Support Group > Edit of a support group throws exception.
  10. SD-46745 : Hong Kong added to the list of countries in the Admin > Site > Add New section.
  11. SD-46194 : In Standard and Professional edition, exception while trying to do a CSV import of requesters.
  12. SD-46290 : Unable to update the requester additional fields through servlet API.
  13. SD-43159 : Issue in Service Request Approval/Rejection when Department Head is marked as one of the approvers has been fixed.
  14. SD-45625 : Wrong Notification sent to the Editor when an already edited Service Request is Closed has been fixed.
  15. SD-47165 : If the user is not logged into SDP, clicking the task link in task notification will throw a tasks/images/spacer.gif not found error.
  16. SD-41383 : Cannot delete workstations with huge audit history.
  17. SD-45818 : Technicians with Asset full role with Scan Now option enabled cannot do a "New scan" in workstation listview.
  18. SD-46528 : Cannot fetch OS name and hardware details in Solaris machine due to non-bash shells.
  19. SD-46543 : Software not fetched during importing of japanese linux scanned xml.
  20. SD-46615 : Hardware details not fetched during importing of linux scanned xml.
  21. SD-46624 : More threads waiting for getting printer's server name during bulk scanned xml import.
  22. SD-46635 : Software CI gets deleted from list view, while removing any of its relationships.
  23. SD-46730 : When scanning a VM, its relationship with VMHost is lost.
  24. SD-46736 : Problem with scanning linux machine if the output for uname -s returns in 2 lines.
  25. SD-46739 : While scanning a linux machine, if the port 9090 is open, trying to scan via agent and stopped instead of proceeding to linux scan.
  26. SD-46313 : Installed column becomes zero after applying licenses in Software details page.
  27. SD-44051 : Date format is not personalized in Purchase Order non-login page.
  28. SD-45922 : Inventory data will be lost while moving from workstation product to server product.
  29. SD-46344 : Purchase Order attachment not accessible in non-login page.
  30. SD-46346 : The message displayed after approving or rejecting a Purchase order has been modified.
  31. SD-46709 : While scanning ESX Virtual Machine, VM's alias name is fetched instead of VM host name.
  32. SD-46755 : Audit reports are not site based.
  33. SD-46904 : Workstation name changed to ipaddress during scheduled scan.
  34. Vulnerability issue as specified in CVE-2012-2585 has been fixed
  35. SD-46278 : Description was not shown properly with the RackSpace mail client has been fixed.

New Features in 8111

  1. SDF-21573 : Earlier when a request is assigned or pickedup by two/more technicians at the same time, the latest technician would be saved. Now, in such cases, a dialog box indicating the conflict requests would be displayed based on which the technician can decide whether to assign/pickup or cancel the operation.
  2. SDF-36164 : In scheduled backup configuration section, an option is included to configure deleting scheduled backup data.
  3. SDF-46795 : Earlier, the responded time for a request would be set only when a reply is made. Now an option to set the responded time when a note is added is also provided.
  4. SDF-46860 : Technicians can be restricted to edit 'Closed' tickets by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Editing Closed Requests' in the roles section.
  5. SDF-46861 : Technicians can be restricted to delete notes by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Edit / Delete own notes' in the roles section.
  6. SDF-46613 : Service tags can be imported while receiving workstations/servers in Purchase Order.
  7. SDF-46784 : Apart from SDAdmin,non-admin technicians can also create query report by enabling fine grained authorization check "Create Query Report" while adding or editing a role.
  8. SDF-31535 : Ability to perform remote control using other tools like Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, Team Planner, DameWare etc

Issues fixed in 8110 (Released on: 31st July, 2012)

  1. SD-46612 : If the user name contains some special characters like (Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü ß), then while creating a request, an alert message 'The user does not exists. Do you want to create a new one?' appears even though the requester is already present.
  2. SD-46607: In DC integration mode, while creating a new technician in SDP and DC and if the user license limit is reached in DC, then an exception is getting displayed instead of a proper error message.
  3. SD-46373: When the product type names are longer, then the asset selection popup which appears while associating an asset to a request is not proper and search icon is not visible.
  4. SD-46220: When the site configuration settings for support group for a particular site is changed from 'Refer' to 'Copy' from the site list view, then editing and saving a support groups in that site results in an exception.
  5. SD-46131: Unable to update a requester using servlet api.
  6. SD-46097: In Service Catalog, when some of the selected groups are deselected and saved, then the changes are not reflected properly. Only a few of the groups get deselected.
  7. SD-46069: When a Preventive Maintenance task is deleted, the tasks inside that are not getting deleted.
  8. SD-45977: The notification from business rules is always sent in rich text format even though 'Plain Text Format' is chosen in the Admin > Notification Rules section.
  9. SD-45891: When a note is added to an unassigned request, the option to notify the technician is available.
  10. SD-46646: In Business Rules, if group is added as a criteria in default site, the group id of the default site is checked in copy site as well. The corresponding group id of copy site should be checked instead.
  11. SD-46482: Email notification message for the Scheduled backup failure has been corrected.
  12. SD-46774: Wrong calculation of 'Due by time' when a closed request is re-opened after the Requester's reply.

New Features in 8110

  1. SDF-46583: Support to show the request link information in the request list view itself.
  2. SDF-40713: The Site field under asset, cmdb, purchase module has been replaced with a text box for technicians with more (100, by default) site permissions. This configuration is based on a GlobalConfig table entry with the category as 'SiteIconListConfiguration'. 
    NOTE: This is a behavior change, the site field will be shown in a text box with site search option for the technician with sites more than or equal to 100.

Issues fixed in 8109 (Released on: 3rd July, 2012)

  1. SD-46525:The description and the conversation getting displayed as question mark for contents other than English characters in request module.

Issues fixed in 8108 (Released on: 29th June, 2012)

  1. SD-45844:In requester auto complete available in 'New Request' form, the required requester cannot be selected by using up/down arrow.

  2. SD-44680: When a note has a double quote ("), then editing such a note will always open the previously edited note in the request details section.
  3. SD-46244: When a conversation(received from mail or from SDP form) has improper nesting of html tags, the reply/forward buttons and the subsequent details are not displayed properly.
  4. SD-46058: In Russian language, the action menu is missing in requester list view page when viewed in Internet Explorer
  5. SD-45098: The approved time displayed in the Request > Approvals section was in a fixed format instead of the one personalized by the technician.
  6. SD-44729: When a reply is sent to a closed request through mail, the ticket is reopened properly but the completed time is not reset and the old value is getting displayed.
  7. SD-45931: Unable to add or edit service categories in Professional edition with Service Catalog add on module.
  8. SD-45984: While editing a support group the technicians are not listed alphabetically.
  9. SD-39621: Query reports could be executed by a normal technician who has reports permission by executing a particular URL directly and write the contents to a file, even though it would have been blocked for him from the user interface. Now the direct URL way has also been restricted to normal technicians who have report full permission.
  10. SD-30521: Technicians who do not have permission to merge requests could still do it by constructing the required URL. This has been restricted now by having proper authorization checks.
  11. SD-45362: Russian Daylight saving has been cancelled. It was not getting reflected in the 'Personalize' drop down.
  12. SD-45394: Bulleted list(s) not showing in case of IE on the announcement details page is resolved.
  13. SD-45862: The technician calendar that is popped up by clicking a technician name in the technician availability chart will now have scroll bars enabled to view the complete data
  14. SD-45892: While editing a date field, the current date was always selected by default instead of the earlier saved date.
  15. SD-46409: Unable to restore , take backup in SQL Server 2012 Issue has been fixed.
  16. SD-46010: When a Service Category contains Incident template alone, then it is not shown in end user Self service portal.

New Features in 8108

  1. SDF-00000: Task count will be shown in Request list view and Request count will be shown in Task list view
  2. SDF-00000: In Request list view, ability to view whether a Request has tasks and details of Tasks for the Request
  3. SDF-00000: In Request list view a new filter 'My Pending Requests or Tasks' has been added. This will list Requests that are pending for the technician or Requests with in which Task is pending for the technician

Issues fixed in 8107 (Released on: 12th June, 2012)

  1. SD-46068: Some of the Preventive Maintenance task schedules get changed to one time schedule has been fixed. Note : The task schedule(s) which is changed to one time schedule will not be recovered automically after upgrade, and these schedule has to be reconfigured accordingly by editing them manually.

  2. SD-46185: Model of the HP printers not detected during scan.
  3. SD-46179: Local credentials provided for certain devices gets over written with domain/network credentials if domain scan or network scan is performed.
  4. SD-46165: Error while viewing the asset details page if the product is installed in Spanish OS server.
  5. SD-46183: Time out error while scanning Solaris machines.

Issues fixed in 8106 (Released on: 1st June, 2012)

  1. SD-45840: The agent with SDP supports weak SSL ciphers. Option to specify the cipher to be used has been added to the GlobalConfig table with parameter = 'CIPHERS'. This change requires a restart of SDP server.

  2. SD-45711: Changing the Product Type from one consumable type to another in the Admin section results in an exception
  3. SD-45532: Minor version association gets removed while adding or updating the Part number field from Admin > Products section for that software.
  4. SD-43388: Installed count shows '0' for CAL in license listview even though CAL licenses are allocated to devices / users.
  5. SD-36695: When a software version update occurs, the license gets deallocated.
  6. SD-45837: Unable to import assets from CSV file if the asset's department is present in more than one site.
  7. SD-44155: Product type is not deleted after deleting the CI Type.
  8. SD-45934: When the number of sites in SDP is very huge (more than 1000 sites and 400 techs ), then in some cases, accessing the 'Technician Availability Chart' will lead to Out Of Memory.
  9. SD-45914: When a CAB member records his decision, then the time of action is not displayed in the Approval page. Only the decision alone is visible.
  10. SD-45918: The time stamp in the Change > History tab gets displayed based on the default time zone and not on the user personalized time zone.
  11. SD-45978: Unable to edit the custom leave types after migrating to 8.1.

Note : The agent version has been updated. So customers using agent for scanning need to update their versions.

Issues fixed in 8105 (Released on: 9th May, 2012)

  1. SD-45896: When a backup of SDP (.data file) is restored in a fresh MSSQL database, some of the dynamic tables are not created. As a result some of the functionalities like request merge, defining new service categories etc. will not work.

Issues fixed in 8104 (Released on: 7th May, 2012)

  1. SD-45863: CMDB tab will not be displayed for customers who fall under any of the below categories.
    • Who are using MSSQL 2000
    • Customers who are using other versions of MSSQL and have migrated from ServiceDesk Plus version 7611 or below.
  2. SD-45861: The header image in the new UI had been modified to 161*57 from the old 166*46. As a result, customers who had migrated will see their company logo stretched. To address this, we have reverted to the older size of 166*46 itself

Issues fixed in 8103 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

  1. SD-45804: : When the request is resolved a mail will be sent to the requester along with the link to close the request. When the requester clicks this link, a page like 'Request cannot be viewed' appears instead of the page to close the request.

Issues fixed in 8102 (Released on: 3rd May, 2012)

  1. SD-45745: : Reply template, resolution template and task template working only for technicians having 'SDAdmin' permission and not for normal technicians. A javascript error is thrown when accessed by normal technicians
  2. SD-45624: In Change details page, when we try to click the 'Technician' and do a spot edit, the Site list and the Technician list will not appear. The same would work when we click on the 'Site' and try to update it.
  3. SD-45650: In Technician Availability, when we add a leave for technician, the leave gets added successfully, but the availability chart becomes blank. On refreshing the page it gets displayed properly. This happens only when the site is set to be displayed in auto complete mode in GlobalConfig table.
  4. SD-45685: While marking the unavailability of a technician, when we change the To / From fields with a date other than the current date, the text field will disappear.
  5. SD-45755: In Admin > Organization Details > Holidays section, when we select a date through the calendar, the input field gets hidden but the values are saved properly while clicking 'Save'.
  6. SD-45687: When no sites are configured, then while trying to add a holiday in Admin > Organization Details > Holidays section, a script error would be thrown.
  7. SD-45762: When the Forward Schedule of Change is viewed in any language other than English, the weekends would not have been marked in the calendar.
  8. SD-45776: In Change > Planning tab, when an Impact or Roll Out Plan etc.. is added, the message in the header shows the text 'Entered by on 01/05/2012 10:17 AM' where the name of the technician is missing. It should have been 'Entered by administrator on 01/05/2012 10:17 AM' if the operation is done by technician named administrator.
  9. SD-45803: When the 'Disable default request template for requesters' is set to 'Yes' in Admin > Self Service Portal and if the requester is allowed to see the approval details, then in requester login the approval and history tab will be blank.
  10. SD-45805: The selected value for the refresh settings in Request List View is not shown as selected once the technician logsout and logsin again into ServiceDesk Plus.
  11. SD-45793: When a leave is marked for a technician from the 'Technician Availability Chart', confirm box for configuring the backup technician would be shown. This box does not appear in FireFox browsers.

Issues fixed in 8101 (Released on: 26th April, 2012)

  1. SD-45735: : Able to delete all the default non deletable additional fields like 'Job Title', 'Contact Number' etc.. of Requester / Technician from 'Admin > User Additional Fields' section. This would result in Requester / Technician List View not getting listed. Deleting of the default fields would have been restricted now.

Features in ServiceDesk Plus 8.1 (8100) : (Released on: 24rd April,2012)

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB provides a complete view of the business critical CIs, their relationships with other CIs and the business impact caused due to malfunction of a CI.

  • Support to define various Configuration Item Types (CI Types) and Relationship Types.
  • Support a parent- child hierarchy for CI Types.
  • Each CI Type is defined with attributes and relationships. The Child CI Type will inherit the attributes and relationships configured for the Parent CI Type.
  • Configure Relationships between the CIs. The relationships can have relationship attributes.
  • Visualization map providing a detailed view of the CI relationships which will help in identifying the dependencies and impact of CIs before performing any changes or in case of any problems.
  • View the pending requests, problems and changes raised for Assets, Business Service or IT Service from the relationship map.

Service Catalog Enhancements

  • Support multi-level approval stages for service requests.
  • Support for request approvers to be shown with approval information of other service request approvers.
  • Option to display Approvals tab (in the Requests module) for Requesters.
  • The ‘Agreed upon time’ (SLA) for a service request would be displayed to the requesters before creating the Service Request.
  • Ability to select a requester to edit and fill-in the required information for a service request.

Asset Depreciation

  • Calculate the depreciation of assets and components.
  • Provide four methods declining balance, double declining balance, straight line and Sum of the Years digits - to calculate asset depreciation.

Other Enhancements

  • Self-Service Portal UI changes:
    1. Option to combine and display the Incident Templates and Service Request Templates under Request Catalog in Self-Service Portal.
    2. Option to disable the default request template ('New Request' link) for requesters.
    3. Option to include a static html file in the Self-Service Portal.
  • Support to move Technicians as Requesters.
  • Execute scripts from ServiceDesk Plus to ManageEngine Desktop Central.
  • Ability to scan the VM Host machines and also determines the VMs running on the host.
  • Leave Types can be denoted with the help of color codes.
  • Inclusion of Group and Technician in the Archived Requests exclusion criteria.
  • Support to translate the display text from the application client.
  • Ability to associate the change due to which a request was created from the Request details page.
  • Next/Previous navigation buttons is available for Requests, Problems and Changes details page, provided the details page is accessed from the corresponding List View.
  • Option to add attachments from the Actions menu in the requests details page.
  • Inclusion of a new field to track the last updated time of the request. This field will be set when a request is updated, or when a note is added to the request, or when a reply sent by the technician.
  • Support to search requests based on service request common additional fields.
  • Apart from selecting technicians for contract expiry notification, you can also configure E-mail IDs to be notified before the contract expires.
  • Option to send multiple expiry notifications for a contract.
  • Option to add attachments for Purchase Orders without editing it.
  • While scanning MS SQL server software from the machine, the edition of the software is also fetched.
  • Support for sending notification to user(s) upon installation of prohibited software.
  • Support to identify workstations with duplicate 'Service Tag' and 'MAC Address' from Admin tab --> General Settings.
  • Support to enable or disable the Scan option (permission to scan workstations from the workstation details page) while creating/editing a role.
  • Public key authentication support for scanning Linux machines.
  • Support for scanning Linux machines using shell script. The script can be used for scanning Linux machines which are not in the network, or to push inventory data from the remote machines to the server.
  • Date fields in all the Asset forms can be edited manually without choosing the calendar.
  • Option provided for additional comments while changing the state of assets or assigning it to a user/department.
  • Scan script for Mac machines.
  • Users configured in a workstation will be fetched and listed in 'System' tab of workstation details page.
  • Support to access Self-Service Portal (for requesters) from Mobile Client.
  • Support to access application from iPad browser client.
  • Right to left support rendered in the browser for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and so on.
  • RAM frequency in Windows OS is fetched during workstation scan.
  • Supported web browsers: Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome.
  • Support additional 5 new display languages namely, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene and Icelandic.

Behavioral Changes

  • Navigation in the request details page has been modified. In 8.1, the work order that is displayed in the request list view alone will be available for navigation. For example: If you are viewing request IDs 26 to 50, then those 25 IDs alone will be available while navigating from the request details page.
  • The term New Incident is changed as New Issue in the Self-Service Portal.
  • Earlier, the Custom Settings button in the Reports module would be shown to technicians with edit report permission. But in 8.1, the Custom Setting button would be visible only to technicians with administrator privilege.
  • Importing user from csv file based on the app field name. Now modified as the additional field alias name mapped for importing user.

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