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Windows Active Directory Monitoring

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus monitors the Windows Active Directory & Windows Servers for a Secure IT Environment. Monitor the Windows Active Directory, Windows Active Directory Workstations, Windows File Servers, NetApp Filer & Windows Member Servers! Satisfy the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands. Audit and Track the authorized & unauthorized access of users Logon & Logoff, GPO, Groups, Computers, OU changes with 150+ detailed event specific reports and instant email alerts. ADAudit Plus is the right business add-on to assist in the execution of a change management action and also, enables exporting of the results to xls, html, pdf and csv formats to assist in interpretation and computer forensics!

Monitor Windows Active Directory | Windows Active Directory Workstations | Windows File Servers | NetApp Filers | Windows Member Servers | Windows File Server Failover Clusters

ADAudit Plus Windows Servers Monitoring Highlights

Dashboard View of ADAudit Plus Auditing
Dashboard View of
ADAudit Plus Auditing
  • Monitor User and Administrative AD Changes.
  • Track Users Logon & Logoff on Workstations, DCs & Member Servers.
  • Audit AD Users, Groups, OU, GPO, Adv GPO & Files.
  • New & Old Attribute Values Change Auditing.
  • Audit File & Folder Permissions.
  • Schedule and Email Reports and Critical Alerts.
  • Archive AD events for Security & Analysis.
  • Submit audit reports as XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML.

ADAudit Plus provides the Active Directory monitoring tools for network critical resources like the Domain Controllers, the access / modifications are crucial, ADAudit Plus lists the entire information on users who have last logged on / logged off or have attempted to breach access critical resources in the Domain. Monitor Active Directory changes of User, GPO, Computer, OU, Adv GPO changes, know the new / old attribute values with 150+ detailed event specific reports and instant email alerts. Admin can assign helpdesk tasks for monitoring active directory events in the domain with reports and alerts. Learn More

Windows Active Directory Workstations Monitoring

ADAudit Plus helps you to monitor the computer activity in Active Directory environment. The Windows monitoring tools help monitor, audit and report the user actions- 'Logon Duration', 'Logon Failures', 'Logon History', 'Terminal Services Activity', and 'Users Logon Duration on Computers'. Now, Administrators can monitor the exact time of User Workstation Logon & Logoff time along with the Logon Duration. This critical data is at the utmost ease to view in the event of unauthorized entry or regular monitoring. ADAudit Plus ensures your organization has the Active Directory monitoring best practices for utmost safety. Learn More

Windows File Server Monitoring

Securely track the authorized / unauthorized access, changes to the documents in their files and folder structure, shares and permissions. From a bird's eye view, the cost of securing, segmenting and meeting compliance makes for a resource intensive administrative task! Monitor the File Server changes in Windows Servers with detailed forensics of approved & unapproved changes in file and folder structure along with Windows File Server permission changes to the System Access Control list. Learn More

NetApp Filer Monitoring

Centrally audit and monitor the NetApp (NAS) File Services, which provide reliable and dedicated file services storage systems for the Microsoft Windows Environment. ADAudit Plus reports and alerts on every possible Files and Folders create / modify / delete / copy-n-pasted / settings / permissions.... Learn More

Windows Member Server Monitoring

Track the Windows Member Servers Logon / Logoff and Schedule to track RADIUS authentications like RADIUS Logon Failures (NPS) and RADIUS Logon History (NPS), Terminal Services Activity, Logon Duration and Logon History. Monitor audit related actions with Process tracking. Learn More

Windows File Server Failover Cluster Monitoring

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus empowers you to track and administer the crucial Windows File Server Failover Clusters. Monitor the Windows File Server Failover Clusters for a secure, downtime-free and a compliant network environment. Monitor the file changes / access with Alerts and Profile Based Reports which are a combination of File, Server and User Audit Reports. Learn More

Monitoring & Audit-Compliant Data Archiving with ADAudit Plus

Audit data monitoring ensures administrators achieve a secure IT network environment. Additionally, Audit Data archiving for a minimum of 03 years is essential by Compliance regulatory bodies such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA.... for forensic analysis and reporting. ADAudit Plus compresses the 'old' audit data with the event headers being tagged along with their respective event data in binary format to ensure an easy tracking. Maintain accountability of actions done by administrators, helpdesk technicians, human resource staff or any selected user in the organization with reports from archived information for operational, security or compliance needs. Learn More

Pre-Configured Reports

Administrators can choose from the easy-to-view pre-configured reports, create custom reports and also schedule periodic reports. The 150+ filter attributes help to easily pin point details in the reports. Easily switch configured Domains / Period of reports. Also, export periodic email reports to XLS, HTML, PDF and CSV formats for security, corporate network analysis & IT Compliance! Learn More

Critical Email Alerts

ADAudit Plus assists IT administrators with anywhere / anytime network monitoring with 'Critical Email Alerts'. When a change / unauthorized access are logged, an email notification is sent, enabling the administrator to take immediate action. Alert Profiles are preconfigured and vigilant upon installation. Severity based custom alerts can be set for events in the Report profile. Learn More

Feeling IT Secure Isn't Enough, BE ADAudit Plus IT Secure.

Other ADAudit Plus Features

Active Directory Audit and Compliance

Auditing Active Directory changes helps organizations to be compliant with regulatory requirements. Learn how ADAudit Plus change audit software can help with data on security audits.

Audit User Management Actions

Keep tabs on what your users do. Study recent changes done by them. Maintain accountable / historical data of user and administrator actions.

Windows File Server Auditing in Microsoft Server Environment

Centrally Track-Audit-Secure the Windows File Server files; securely monitor and report the authorized / unauthorized document access, file/folder structure changes, shares and access permissions.

Schedule Active Directory change reports

Schedule event log data extraction, view them as reports on the ADAudit Plus web interface, also configure them to be emailed to specified users at desired times.

Track User Logon Actions

Audit and monitor logon actions of users including logon hours, peak logon times and more. ADAudit Plus reports facilitate effective monitoring / tracking of user logon.

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