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Track User Administrative Actions in Real-Time

User Management Audit Reports from ADAudit Plus facilitate generation of reports on user change actions by date. The product is intuitively designed to extract desired user audit information from security logs of event viewers in Domain Controller machines. It also facilitates ready availability of relevant data for an internal audit requirement. User management reports from ADAudit Plus allows the administrator, IT Manager or an IT Auditor or others who use the application to perform the following audit functions in real-time.

User Change Actions Audit in Real-Time

User Life Cycle Changes like Users created, deleted or modified. These changes are extracted and reported by date with the help of the below provided reports in ADAudit Plus.

  • Recently Created Users
  • Recently Deleted Users
  • Recently Modified Users

Password Status Changes for Users like password set or changed and account locked out and unlocked details. These changes are listed with reports on

  • Recently Password Set Users
  • Recently Password Changed Users
  • Recently Locked Out Users
  • Recently Unlocked Users

User Status Changes like user enabled or disabled in a selected period of time.

  • Recently Enabled Users
  • Recently Disabled User

Other User Management Reports

Last Modification on Users

This lists the last modified property for all users in a domain. Time of modification and the User who modified is also listed.

User Administrative Activity Report

User administrative / management activity report lists all the administration / management actions done by any selected user or technician on Users, Computers and Groups in the Domain. It comprehensively displays actions executed by users in the form of a easily understandable Pie Chart. User management actions likes user account changed, deleted, disabled, enabled, password set and account unlocked, Computer Management actions like computer account changed, deleted or enabled and group management actions performed on distribution and security groups are audited, reported and highlighted through charts.

User History Reports

User history report provides information on all the change actions done on a selected user during his life cycle. Changes that a user encountered during his life cycle are reported.

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