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Monitor group membership changes with ADAudit Plus

It's every IT administrator's dream to build an impenetrable environment that's still easy to control. In order to ensure security in an IT environment, all users need to be accountable for their actions. This would require an enviroment where administrators can fetch historical data from security logs and zero-in on the root cause whenever an issue occurs. While Windows Active Directory (AD) enables administrators to manage large numbers of users and their rights and permissions, it fails to provide tools that allow administrators to easily audit administrative group membership changes. 

It's essential to keep a keen eye on any changes that occur in administrative groups, especially since domain administrators (DA) and enterprise administrators (EA) are automatically assigned a predefined set of elevated rights and permissions upon being added to an administrative group. Administrators need to be prepared for what could happen when access is placed in the wrong hands. For instance, what if a disgruntled employee with administrative privileges decides to go rogue?

Administrators also need to recognize that not all problems stem from malicious intent, like when a problem results from a failure to understand the consequences of configuration changes. With a handful of administrators placed in several administrative groups in multiple domains across an enterprise, things can easily get a bit out of hand. And having to identify root causes by sifting through heaps of security event logs from different data sets only makes things harder for administrators.

ADAudit Plus offers administrators a reprieve with Active Directory group audit reports that make auditing AD group permissions and group membership changes effortless.

Recently Created Security Groups

Created Security Groups

Recently Created Distribution Groups

Created Distribution Groups

Recently Deleted Security Groups

Deleted Security Groups

Recently Deleted Distribution Groups

Deleted Distribution Groups

Recently Modified Groups

Modified Groups

Recently Added

Added Members to Security Groups

Recently Added Members to Distribution Groups

Added Members to Distribution Groups

Recently Removed

Removed Members from Security Groups

Recently Removed Members from Distribution Groups

Removed Members from Distribution Groups

Extended Attribute Changes

Extended Attribute Changes

Group Object History

Group Object History

Group Attribute New and Old Value

Group Attribute New and Old Value

Centralized storage

Windows Active Directory only stores group change information in the domain controller where the change occurred, failing to replicate that change across the forest. ADAudit Plus compiles data from all domain controllers across the forest and provides a central repository of security events.

Top-notch search and parsing capabilities

Armed with boolean search and advanced parsing options, ADAudit Plus' AD group audit tool can sieve through large data reservoirs and quickly bring up the information you're looking for.

Defined audit intervals

Need information from a specific interval or time period? Need to give the compliance inspector data from a particular week or month? Don't break a sweat! ADAudit Plus has your back with interval-specific reports.

Real-time alerts

Stay up on every change in AD group memberships with predefined alerts delivered straight to your inbox. 

Advanced automated actions

Define executable actions on specific AD changes that autonomously monitor and control your AD. Simply define the change and corresponding action and leave the rest to ADAudit Plus, so you can focus on more vital tasks. For example, if you don't want any new users to be added to the domain administrators' group, you can define an action to prevent other members with administrative rights from adding new members to the group.

Other ADAudit Plus Features

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