ManageEngine® Access Manager Plus Upgrade Pack Download

The latest version of Access Manager Plus is 4101. Apply this upgrade pack if you are using an earlier version

Download Upgrade Pack

Note: We strongly recommend you always take a backup before upgrading, which saves you from any accidental loss of data.
From 4100 to 4101 Upgrade pack 4100 to 4101
Direct installation file for 4101

Note: If you've configured HA for your Access Manager Plus instance, your secondary application server should always run the same version as your primary server. For instance, if you're upgrading to 4101, you should concurrently reconfigure HA and set up a fresh secondary instance that runs 4101. Additionally, ensure that the software architectures are also the same.

From 4000 to 4100 Upgrade pack 4000 to 4100
Direct installation file for 4100