Access Manager Plus Release (Minor) 4101 (08th January 2021)


  • This release comes with improved security level checks for Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) and HTTP request methods.

Access Manager Plus Release (Major) 4100 (03rd July 2020)


  • Earlier, all connections, added to Access Manager Plus, were shared connections only, by default, and were publicly accessible by all users. Now, users have the choice of making their connections either as 'Shared' or 'Owned', where the 'Owned' connections are private and accessible by the connection owners only. Options are available under 'General Settings', for administrators to globally enable/disable session recording for Owned connections, and transform Access Manager Plus to Shared/Owned mode, at their discretion. Additionally, the bulk 'Edit Connections' option has been added, which allows the connection owners alone to enable/disable the 'Shared connection' and 'Access Control' options.

  • The PostgreSQL server used in Access Manager Plus has been upgraded to version 9.5.21.