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Office 365 GLBA compliance reporting tool

Compliance management is important no matter how big your company is or what industry it's in. If you use computers with any type of internet connection to store information, your business must comply with all guidelines and regulations set by governing entities in order to keep information safe and secure. These regulations protect both your company as well ase clients and customers who share their personal information with you.

O365 Manager Plus' security and compliance reports help you ensure information security across all your Office 365 components. Experience hassle-free compliance with various industry mandates, including HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, and PCI DSS, with a little help from O365 Manager Plus.

About GLBA

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), also known as the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, is a United States federal law that requires financial institutions to disclose how they share and protect their customers’ private information. To be GLBA-compliant, financial institutions must tell customers how they share their sensitive data, inform customers of their right to opt-out if they prefer that their personal data not be shared with third parties, and apply specific protections to customers’ private data in accordance with a written information security plan. The GLBA is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, federal banking agencies, and other federal regulatory authorities, as well as state insurance oversight agencies.

GLBA compliance with O365 Manager Plus

Learn how to meet some important GLBA compliance requirements with O365 Manager Plus reports.

Download GLBA compliance checklist (.pdf)
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