Service Pack for builds 125000 & above.

We strongly recommend you to take backups before updating. This helps you prevent accidental loss of data.

Version 125458 

(Released on November 30, 2021)
Read and accept the License Agreement before downloading this software.

How to apply service pack?

  • 1. Choose your
    upgrade path.
  • 2. Download the
    appropriate PPM file.
  • 3. Apply it in
  • 4. Restart

Choose your upgrade path

Current build Upgrade path to the latest build MD5Sum Value
125000 & above Install the service pack to move to the latest build. 9085577e5900d6d6de80ff215f03cf95a2219355685d2f88b83f7ad8af212ffc
124000 to 124196 Install the service pack to move to the build 125012 fdcf891059b6820b6e0fb5b16a65503e
123000 to 123329 Install the service pack to move to the build 124006 f0c92e41e9ab55f588823aac721cd5af
12200 Install the service pack to move to the build 123000 632bb6b6621e74abf1a9c4d9c4d0e5e8
12000 / 12100 Install the Service Pack to move to build 12200 a9fa54b1a41aafc920b88d751640c57b
11600 Install the service pack to move to the build 123097 ( Watch video ) b6cf1fe0729a35b229bccb99a50c426f



  • End of support has been announced for all OpManager versions below 12.4
  • Only users with a valid AMS (Annual Maintenance and Support) contract are eligible to download Service packs and other upgrades. Refer for more details.
  • Applications Manager plugin, if present, should be upgraded to version 14540 or above before upgrading OpManager from version 12.5 to 12.5.100 and higher versions.


Steps to apply the service pack to OpManager

Remember, if you are applying more than one update pack, you have to follow the instructions above for each update pack. For instance, if you are on build 124196 and have to move to 125203, here's how you should go about it:

  • Follow the steps (coressponding to your OpManager Edition) to update to build 125010.
  • Ensure you start OpManager after this update.
  • Again stop OpManager and follow the update steps (coressponding to your OpManager Edition) to move to build 125203.

How can I find the build number of OpManager?

  1. In the Web Client, click on the "Administrator" icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Search for the 'Build Number' among the product details listed.
  3. Check the following image guide to locate the build number.

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpManager to the latest version? Contact OpManager Support.

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