Visualize your network using network diagram software

Diagrammatic visualization of network helps in better understanding of their design and thus makes their management more effective. Most organizations use Visio to represent their network diagramatically. The problem here is that visio is just a static representation of the network structure. It's contribution to a more effective network management is very limited. 

OpManager helps large and enterprise level businesses simplify their network management process by visualizing the network in real time with the help of powerful network diagram tools. 

Advantages of network diagram software:

  • Obtain a geographical visualization of the network : They help form a clear visual image of the network by associating them with real world geographical entities.
  • Easily view the status of network devices: The color code schemes in a network diagram provide an at-a-glance view of the status of the network devices. Additional information about a network device can be obtained just by hovering the mouse over the device in the network diagram.
  • Easy to identify & troubleshoot faults: Network diagrams provide a parent-child visualization of the network. Identifying and troubleshooting faults become a lot easier with such a visual representation of the network architecture.
  • Understand the criticality of network faults:Whenever a network fault occurs, the network diagram helps you to analyze the criticality of the fault by allowing the user to view the affected device and also the network devices that are connected to the affected device - which makes network troubleshooting easier.
  • Enables better network forecasting and planning: Representing various components of the network such as routers, switches & rack servers in the form of a network diagram helps in planning your network architecture.

Network diagram tools in OpManager

OpManager provides the following network diagram tools to help you visualize your network and thereby un-complicate the network management process

  • Business Views
  • Maps
  • 3D floor views
  • Rack Views
  • Layer2Maps

Layer 2 Maps - A diagrammatic representation of your network topology

Network Diagram Software
Layer2Maps is a carefully crafted network diagram software tool in OpManager that helps you understand the underlying logical topology of your network by representing it diagrammatically.

The following are some of the powerful features of Layer2Maps:

  • Provides a better visualization of the physical topology of your network.
  • Very helpful when a device in your network runs into issues - you can easily identify the devices and interfaces that will be affected.
  • You can save the map as a business view and even export it as a Visio. You can also generate a printable version of the Layer2Map.
  • Layer2 devices get automatically mapped when a layer2 discovery is done. So you need not worry about creating / editing a Layer2 map every time a layer2 device is added / discovered.

Business Views - Group devices based on the business they cater:

Of all the ways you would visually classify the devices in your network, their business use is one of the most important. 
Best Network Topology Diagram

Business view is a powerful network diagram tool in OpManager that allows you to visually organize the devices in your network based on the business needs that they cater to. With business views you can :

  • Visually group devices belonging to a particular business.
  • View live link status between two network devices.
  • View the device details of all the individual devices in the business view from a single console.
  • Drill down to the snapshot details of the individual devices in the business view in just a click.
  • View network traffic from SNMP & netflow.

Maps - Visualize the critical devices in your network geographically

Network Mapping Diagram Software

OpManager's map is a network diagram software tool which can be used to represent the location of your servers and other important devices geographically. You can use the map tool to:

  • Get a clear view of the geographical distribution of your network
  • Embed critical network devices to their real world locations either using Google maps or Zoho maps.
  • View the status of the devices in a particular geographical location in the map.
  • Instantly view the device snapshots of the devices embedded on the map with just a click.

Network diagrams for HyperV, VMware & Xen devices

OpManager automatically creates network diagrams (in the form of maps) for VMware VCenter, VM's, HyperV & Xen hypervisors and their guest & host machines and stores them in the corresponding tabs under map menu for easy access.

3D floor views : Diagramatically represent the servers & switches in your network 

Network Floor Diagram Software

Maintainance and management of servers is a crucial part of network administration. OpManager's 3D rack view tool helps you simplify the server management process by diagramatically visualizing the servers and switches in your network. You can use the 3D rack view tool to do the following :

  • Create 3D views of the switches and servers in each floor of your data center or server rooms.
  • Obtain a visual image of your server floors / server rooms, thereby making it easier to identify probable locations while installing new servers or switches.
  • View the status of the servers / switches in your floors / server rooms.
  • Easily identify faulty servers / switches in your floors with the help of color codes.

3D Rack view - Create virtual racks

Network Rack Diagram Software
The 3D rack view tool enables you to create virtual racks - either similar to the ones in your actual server room or custom racks that will help you in your network management process, and populate devices onto it.

3D racks makes your life as a network administrator simpler in the following ways:

  • Creating a virtual 3D rack for a group of network devices serving a common business purpose helps you organize and manage them easily.
  • 3D racks provide you a topographical visualization of a set of devices in the network. - You can populate devices to a virtual rack in a particular order - which provides greater understanding of the network architecture.
  • 3D racks also allow you to visualize the racks in your datacenters in their exact physical arrangement. This makes data center management much more easier.
  • You can easily identify issues in the individual devices in these racks using color codes.
  • Just click on a faulty device in the rack and you'll be taken to the corresponding device snapshot page. This makes troubleshooting the device a whole lot easier.
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