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Automated Network Configuration Change Management 

Network Configuration Manager is a multi vendor network change, configuration and compliance management (NCCM) solution for switches, routers, firewalls and other network devices. NCM helps automate and take total control of the entire life cycle of device configuration management.

Network change and configuration management
  • Configuration Management

    Configuration Management

    Backup device configurations, maintain history by tracking changes, compare versions & upload changes, all from a centralized web GUI

  • Real-time Change Tracking

    Real-time Change Tracking

    Monitor configuration changes, get instant notifications and prevent unauthorized changes making your networking environment compliant

  • Manage Compliance Auditing

    Compliance Auditing

    Define standard practices and policies and automatically check device configurations for compliance.

  • Automate Config Tasks

    Automating Configuration Tasks

    Automate all repetitive, time-consuming configuration management tasks. Apply configuration changes to single/multiple devices in bulk.

  • User Activity Tracking in change management

    User Activity Tracking

    Get complete record of who, what and when of configuration changes in Network. Record actions, archive and playback thereby achieving a complete Network change management.

  • Multi-vendor Support

    Multi-vendor Support

    Manage configurations  and make changes in network devices from multiple vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, and more.

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Key Features

Key Features
  • Search Configuration & Devices
  • In-Depth configuration Reports
  • Job Scheduling
  • Configuration Comparison
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade devices
  • Change Review and Approval Machanism
  • Configuration Rollback
  • PCI Review
  • Role-Based Access Control in change management
  • Configuration Change Alerting in network management

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Product Screenshots

  • Informative Inventory

    Informative device inventory depicting device details and hardware properties.

    Informative Inventory
  • Configuration Versioning & Comparison

    Option to quickly compare any two configuration versions for changes within same device or different devices.

    Configuration Versioning & Comparison
  • Scheduling Configuration Backup & Other Tasks

    Scheduled tasks to automate various configuration operations, including nightly backups.

    Scheduling Configuration Backup & Other Tasks
  • Role-based Access Control

    Role-based privileges to restrict access to device configurations.

    Role-based Access Control
  • Real-time Configuration Change Tracking

    Provision to monitor devices and detect configuration changes in real-time in your network.

    Real-time Configuration Change Tracking
  • Change Management Rules & Notifications

    Provision to initiate alerts or to automatically rollback device configurations upon identifying configuration changes.

    Change Management Rules & Notifications
  • Compliance Monitoring

    Provision to define standards and check the configurations for to stay compliant to current day industry standards

    Compliance Monitoring
  • Automation Using Configlets & Scripts

    Configlets contain the commands in available templates which can also be customized and  executed on the device. Helps in automating repetitive tasks.

    Automation Using Configlets & Scripts
  • User Activity Tracking

    Complete record of 'who', 'what' and 'when' of device configuration change in your network.

    User Activity Tracking
  • Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance

    Intuitive reports on entire device configuration management scenario in your enterprise.

    Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance
  • Workflow automation

    Automate first level troubleshooting steps and on-going manual tasks with ease.

    Workflow automation
  • Color-coded alarms

    Supports color coded alarms and provides event history associated with each alarm

    Color-coded alarms
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Professional Edition

  • Lightyear Network Solutions

    Lightyear Network Solutions

    Fastest growing telecom service provider uses ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager to proactively manage configuration changes in their network infrastructure

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  • Princeton University

    Princeton University

    One of America's top research universities uses ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager to automate Network Configuration Management and upkeep its network infrastructure.

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  • Bovertis B.V

    Bovertis B.V

    A leading IT solution/support provider uses Network Configuration Manager to automate the entire life-cycle of device configuration management; saves time, resources and improves productivity.

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Devices supported by Network Configuration Manager

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