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Skype for Business Online health monitoring tool

Microsoft 365's Skype for Business Online is a robust unified communications platform with integrated IM, voice, video, and screen sharing features. Should Skype for Business Online experience downtime or issues, businesses relying on this means of correspondence won't be able to communicate as they usually would. If real-time communication is disrupted, users will stop communicating with each other about regular business processes, and start calling IT admins for assistance. Unfortunately, getting the real-time health and performance status of Skype for Business with the native tools in Microsoft 365's Service Health Dashboard (SHD) is a challenge.

Why monitoring Skype for Business Online is important

Skype for Business Online places high demands on your network, and those demands increase exponentially as more employees use this communication client. Network latency or service incidents could affect scheduled customer calls, meetings, and other business processes that happen via Skype for Business Online.

Skype Health Monitoring
Skype Health Overview
Skype Health Incident Detail

This highlights the importance of keeping constant vigil to identify performance issues and other service incidents in Skype for Business Online as soon as possible, so that alternative forms of communication can be used if needed. You need an Microsoft 365 service health monitoring tool that not only tracks the health and performance of Skype for Business Online, but also notifies you about outages and issues without any lag.

M365 Manager Plus Skype health notification

Real-time Skype for Business Online monitoring with instant email alerts

M365 Manager Plus monitors Skype for Business Online around the clock for any issues or service outages. Since service outages can be costly, it's important that they're brought to your attention without any delay. This is why M365 Manager Plus sends out instant email alerts upon service outages and incidents.

The detailed alert email provides a complete summary of the incident with details on which feature is affected (audio/video, IM, meetings, PSTN calling, dial-in conferencing, etc.), the number of users affected by the incident, the consequences of the incident, and more. 

Skype for Business Online performance monitoring

M365 Manager Plus Skype performance monitoring

M365 Manager Plus also monitors the endpoints of Skype for Business Online to ensure the availability of the application. It provides a graphical representation of each endpoint's response time, which helps you understand the performance of Skype for Business Online over time.

Highlights of M365 Manager Plus

  • Real-time alerts: Get instant email notifications on service incidents.
  • Historical data: Gain access to historical Microsoft 365 service health monitoring data that's older than 30 days.
  • In-depth graphs: View graphs illustrating the health status of Microsoft 365 services to facilitate quick decision making.

Other services monitoring

Apart from monitoring Exchange Online, M365 Manager Plus also monitors the real-time health and performance of:

Best of all, you can view the health status of all services in a single graphical dashboard.

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