Episode 1

Is everything safe at the other end of the tunnel?

This episode elaborates the different VPN based attacks that enterprises are facing — impostors logging through unsecured VPNs, DDoS attacks and exploits happening on VPN servers, and a lot more. Listen to our experts dissecting the VPN attacks and giving you tips to step up your security game, especially when you're more relied on the VPNs as employees work from home.

Episode 2

Wondering how outsiders know your business? Check your insiders.

In this episode, our experts elaborate on the impact of insider attacks and the techniques and tactics commonly used by insiders to dismantle the network security posture. Learn from our experts about the safety precautions that you can take to spot and avoid data leaks by pawns and turncloaks.
Discover the indicators of compromises you need to look for to prevent insider attacks. Watch and learn about the challenges organizations face in detecting insider attacks when employees work from home and the ways to overcome them.

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