Table of Contents

  1. About Log360
  2. Release Overview

    1. 5.2 (GA)
      • Build 5213

        Released on 27 Nov, 2020

        New feature:

        • Reverse proxy support: Log360 can now be configured as a reverse proxy server. Enhance security for your servers, as their identity is protected and all communication between them and their clients is routed through Log360.


        • User interface enhancements
          • The apps pane in the product has been enhanced to make it easier to access.
          • The option button to jump to related products has been enhanced for better visual appeal.
          • The components integrated with the product will now load automatically to reduce the UI loading time.
          • The Log360 logo will now be displayed across all the components inside the product.
        • Automated updates: This option allows you to automatically detect, download, and apply the product updates as soon as they are released.
        • The version of jQuery bundled with the product has been upgraded to 3.5.1.


        • Domain users were able to view data that should be accessible only to product admins using a specific URL. This issue has been fixed.
      • Build 5220_Beta
      • Build 5211
      • Build 5210
      • Build 5209
      • Build 5206
      • Build 5201
      • Build 5200
    2. 5.1 (GA)
    3. 5.0 (GA)