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Updating Log360

  • 1. When I try to update Log360, a pop-up with the following message appears. Service pack is not compatible. 

    This message appears when you try to update with a service pack that is incompatible with your current build. Please check your current build number and apply the service packs in the correct order.

    For example, when your build number is 5024, you should first apply the service pack to update to 5030 and then the one for 5100.

  • 2. If I update Log360, would it update all the individual components in Log360? 

    No, you need to update the individual components separately with their respective service packs.

  • 3. For Log360 to update to the recent version, should I reboot my server or machine? 

    No, you needn't reboot your server or machine.

  • 4. How do I check the database being used to store logs in Log360? 

    Click the ? on the top-right corner in Log360 and click About to know which database is in use.

  • 5. If I'm using Microsoft SQL Server as my backed database, do I need to stop or reboot it when updating Log360? 

    No, you needn't stop or reboot your database. However, we strongly recommend that you take a snapshot of your database server or backup the database instance.

Still have an issue updating? Kindly contact log360-support@manageengine.com