Case studies

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SHM uses Log360 to make sure their data is completely secure.

SHM, a London-based organization, provides consulting services to businesses, which requires it to access its clients' sensitive data. Because this data is highly coveted by cybercriminals, SHM must ensure comprehensive network security by employing stringent audits. To address these network security challenges, SHM needed a SIEM tool to monitor network activity in real time and protect their servers and databases from breaches and unauthorized accesses. Read this case study to see how Log360 helped them meet these security challenges.

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HCL Technologies uses Log360 to solve log management challenges in thin clients.

To cut down on spending, HCL started providing its employees with systems running on thin clients. However, managing logs from those thin clients turned out to be an issue. Thin clients often have very little storage, which limits the volume of data that can be saved in them. HCL needed a solution that could automatically collect, manage, and archive logs from these thin clients. Read this case study and learn how they used Log360 to efficiently manage their network logs.

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