Introducing the HighPerf Reporting Engine

The HighPerf Reporting Engine is a high performance database for raw data storage. Depending on the user's requirements, it can store raw data for up to 12 months. The HighPerf Reporting Engine uses a columnar database, which is best suited for instantaneous report generation and compressed storage.

Why is raw data storage important?

Raw data consists of in-depth information on each data packet passing through your network. Raw data includes all the information passing through your network at any given point in time. The availability of this raw data is critical to generate reports and plan the network capacity. However, native tools usually offer a maximum raw data storage period of 30 days, which is insufficient when it comes to gaining a better understanding of your network's performance.

For example, some countries have mandated storing raw data for six months or more for government auditing. When it comes to internet service providers (ISPs) or managed service providers (MSPs), customer data has to be stored for three months or more for accurate billing purposes.

The HighPerf Reporting Engine advantage.

The HighPerf Reporting Engine database is specially designed to improve raw data storage and facilitate faster report generation. It's important to store raw data for longer periods to improve the accuracy of network analytics. ManageEngine's HighPerf Reporting Engine provides the following benefits:

Columnar database

Best suited for instantaneous report generation for longer time period and compressed storage.

Increased raw data storage capacity

Raw data can be retained for more than 6 months.

Instant report generation

You can now generate reports even for huge volumes of data instantaneously.

Improved data compression techniques

With its improved data compression capabilities, OpManager Plus saves hugely in terms of disc space.

Minimized network downtime

Discover and troubleshoot issues faster thereby ensuring minimal network downtime and better user experience.

Better capacity planning

With the availability of raw data for longer periods, future network trends can be predicted more reliably.

Insightful reports

HighPerf retains data for a much longer duration. This means reports now contain more relevant data and provide greater visibility into your network usage patterns.


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HighPerf Reporting Engine system requirements.

The sole purpose of the HighPerf Reporting Engine is to improve raw data storage capacity and increase the speed at which reports are generated for high volumes of data. An add-on to OpManager Plus, the HighPerf Reporting Engine can be installed on a remote server or on the same machine as OpManager Plus. Here are the system requirements:

HighPerf Reporting Engine system requirements

Recommendation: It is highly recommended to install the HighPerf Reporting Engine on an external server to achieve optimum performance.

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