Don't stop with controlling. Spot the insider and save your reputation!

Identify the signs of hacker activity in your network by finding suspicious devices and users that try to exfiltrate your data via removable media.

Device and file audits at your fingertips.

Which device attempted to connect to your endpoints? Who tried to connect it? When did they connect? With Device Control Plus' clear-cut audit reports, you can track all device, user, and file activities from a single console. Basically, audits provide you the complete information on all device and file activities.

Schedule and receive reports at your convenience.

Schedule reports daily, monthly or weekly based on your preference and receive them in your mail. You may want to use these reports to perform further analysis such as studying the user and device behavior patterns.

Meticulous reports for the latest information.

You don't need to hunt through the entire audit report to determine the latest device activities. Use the device summary section to analyze recent device activities quickly. Gain acute awareness of the last connected device, user, computer, action performed, and more with simplified reports.

Monitor file movements continuously.

With the file tracing feature, you don't need separate software to trace what files are leaving your enterprise, which are coming in, where they're going, etc.

View reports and audits smartly.

Track and monitor the list of devices that attempted to access your endpoints, and identify which user performed what action. Apply filters based on device type, user, and more to enable smart view.


To spot and remediate insider attacks on the go download a free, 30-day trial of Device Control Plus and try out these features for yourself.