Modern device control built for your enterprise's needs.

Your employees may have to use a plethora of portable devices in combination with your endpoints. Imagine, plugging a peripheral device into your endpoint creates a backdoor to exfiltrate all your sensitive information such as financial information, passwords, etc. Let alone data loss, your endpoint could be at the verge of hardware destruction too!

What is device control?

Device control is the practice of preventing various USB and peripheral devices from gaining unauthorized access to your data. By assigning strict device policies using a device control solution, you can instantly identify the devices connected to your endpoints, who is using what on which computer, what data is going out or coming in, and more.

Why is device control important?

Because your organization’s data is extremely valuable, you need to maximize data protection by allowing only the devices you trust to connect to your network. Although there are many Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, one that focuses more efficiently on preventing insider attacks is highly beneficial for your enterprise

Beyond data protection, here are a few reasons why your enterprise can benefit from a comprehensive device control solution:

  • Awareness of who and what is accessing your network is essential.
  • Malware can exist on empty drives, making identifying malicious devices more difficult.
  • As malware exploits the very design of a device itself, identified device threats cannot be patched.

Here's how Device Control Plus surpasses traditional data protection methods:

Device Control Plus relies on the principle of Zero Trust. It fortifies your network with a secure layer between removable devices and computers. Every time a device is connected to a computer, the attempt is logged in the audits section.

Why Device Control Plus?

With the traditional perimeter of network security becoming less effective in the wake of advanced cyber threats, Device Control Plus is the only solution that offers device intrusion prevention, a Zero Trust security model, privileged access management, and device identity and access management—all in one DLP solution to protect your enterprise from cyber attacks.

Benefits of Device Control Plus.

Device intrusion prevention.

You shouldn't be wasting time controlling devices manually. Device Control Plus with its strict policies helps eliminate any toxic combination of accesses.

Device identity and access management.

Expand your visibility into device and user activities, and observe user behavior patterns to catch the warning signs of a potential insider attack.

Zero trust security model.

With Device Control Plus, you don't have to spend time and effort keeping track of potential insider threats. The Zero Trust model grants access only to devices that you trust, not whatever your employees plug in.


An effective device control solution like Device Control Plus can reduce your operational costs, lower your security budget, and make adhering to compliance regulations a breeze. Download a free, 30-day trial of Device Control Plus and try out these features today!