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Stories for you

How healthcare organizations fortify critical PHI from hackers

Healthcare IT leaders are tasked with ensuring patient data integrity, submitting to compliance, and mitigating insider risks. Learn how healthcare delivery can be made more secure.

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What the FBI recommends to prevent BEC attacks

Learn about the anatomy of BEC scams, some recent cases of successful attacks, and how you can steer clear of such scams with timely detection and proactive countermeasures.

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Streamlining your disaster recovery plan

Implementing a disaster management plan is no small feat. Learn the key components of a disaster recovery plan, and how you can streamline the process.

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4 key cybersecurity monitoring pillars that check every box

To ensure your organization checks all the necessary boxes to have a strong cybersecurity framework, here are four key cybersecurity monitoring pillars that you can follow. Verify your safety now

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5 pain points in Active Directory user account management

If you're spending too much time and resources to manage Active Directory (AD) user accounts, learn how you can overcome 5 common pain points in Active Directory user management.

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Remediating the gaps in your anti-ransomware strategy

Discover the pitfalls in your defense against ransomware, and eliminate them with our 3-step strategy. Learn how you can detect threats and stay resilient to ransomware attacks.

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Weekly podcasts with topics chosen by you

We've had many people suggest that we start a podcast tailor-made for our audience. So, we're launching our new podcast this month, Identitude, and we want you to choose what we talk about.

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Perfecting your remote data security strategy

Here are 5 easy-to-implement data security best practices that will help keep your critical data secure.

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A definitive guide to fortifying critical PHI

Backing up PHI is no easy task. Learn the best practices to secure electronic health records, prevent data loss, and meet compliance regulation.

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Avoid anomalies in email activity go unnoticed

Learn how to detect and mitigate anomalies before they snowball into a huge data breach.

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Overcome native limitations in SharePoint backup and recovery

Learn about the limitations of native SharePoint tools for backup and restoration, and techniques to overcome these limitations.

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A complete guide to HIPAA-NIST compliance crosswalk

Implementing HIPAA security rules can be challenging. Read our e-book to know how HIPAA security rules can be better implemented by following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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Data security best practices for remote workers

Remote working makes your network more vulnerable to attacks. Here is an admin's guidebook to the best practices you can follow

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Zero Trust leads the way to remote work security

Enforce access control and eliminate unauthorized access to data and resources. Learn the 6 action-steps of Zero Trust implementation to get a bird's eye view of your network.

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As we're offering year-end deals on our solutions, we're making it easier for you to know the details. Just click the link below to select the products you're interested in, and we'll send you only the details you need.

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Enhancing your defenses against critical data loss

Protecting critical data from falling into the wrong hands is harder than ever. This e-book helps IT admins curb threats to sensitive date.

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3 simple ways to drastically cut down Active Directory administration costs

Using native Active Directory tools to tackle today's IAM challenges is ineffective and puts an undue strain on your organization's IT budgets. Our e-book shows you how you can avoid it.

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CISAs recommendations to recognize and avoid email scams

Email borne cyberattacks are growing rampant due to remote work. Read our e-book and learn more about what they are, how they work, and what you can do to avoid them.

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A flexible password framework for your remote workforce

As workforces are now divided into work-from-home and work-from-office, we created a flexible password framework guide that can keep your organization secure regardless of its workforce type.

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6 ways to get more out of your SharePoint audit logs

Using native tools to audit an enterprise level SharePoint environment has its limitations. Read this e-book to know how to overcome them.

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Remediating the gaps in your anti-ransomware strategy

If you are attacked by ransomware today, could you recover critical data without compromise? Discover the pitfalls in your defense against ransomware, and eliminate them with our 3-step strategy.

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6 essential hacks for your IAM program in 2021

Getting the most of your IAM program or demonstrating its ROI can be quite tedious without metrics. In this e-book, we've put together 6 hacks that'll help you define and measure relevant metrics.

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Webinars on-demand

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework: 5 core functions and how you can align with them

According to Gartner, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) will be adopted by 50% of US organizations by the end of 2020. Find out how you can align with the core functions of the NIST CSF.

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Countering ransomware: A 5-step action plan towards threat detection, backup, and recovery

If you are attacked by ransomware today, could you recover critical data without compromise? We discuss how organizations can strengthen their front-line of defense against ransomware.

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5 steps to perform risk assessment in your network

The first step to building an efficient security strategy is to perform a risk assessment. Join our IT security expert as he helps you perform an extensive assessment in your network.

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Password management practices to plug remote work's loopholes

With remote working having its fair share of security gaps, we show you password management practices that you can implement so that those loopholes aren't another burden.


A 5-step plan for effective data protection

Protecting data from hackers is challenging. Join the discussion with our cybersecurity guru to learn his five step plan to fortify critical data and steer clear of hefty fines.


Aligning your SIEM framework with NIST guidelines

Our SIEM expert shows you how attackers compromise your organization's security, the tactics they use, and how you can defend against them by adhering to NIST guidelines.


Is Zero Trust model your redemption to COVID themed attacks?

Disappearing network perimeter is no illusion. Cybercriminals are taking advantage. Let's talk NIST recommended Zero Trust security framework for the new normal.


5 points to consider while reviewing your disaster recovery plan

What factors will help you decide which data to backup? Will the 3-2-1 backup plan work for all organizations? What goes into an effective DRP ? Our expert answers these questions and much more in the webinar.

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Building a warning system to spot insider threats

A recent Ponemon Institute study revealed that insider threats have gone up by 47%. Watch how you can create early warning systems to identify such business-crippling insider threats.

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A 5-step action plan for threat detection using user logon activity

How can you use user logon activity to spot security threats in your network? What are the logon patterns that indicate a breach. Our expert answers these questions and much more in the webinar.

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Building a cybersecurity strategy that's resilient to remote-work challenges

Learn from IAM thought leaders about how to build a cybersecurity strategy that withstands remote work challenges. MartinKuppinger, principal analyst at KuppingerCole, and Jay Reddy, senior technical evangelist at ManageEngine, share their tips.

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Is Zero Trust model your redemption to remote work vulnerabilities?

Trust is a vulnerability where humans are the new perimeter. However, the trust you've not yet established can't be misused. Let's talk NIST recommended Zero Trust security framework.

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